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Empowering local communities to succeed globally.

We connect professionals with the information, products and services they need to succeed in local markets.

Who We Serve

Our approach to news and information seamlessly integrates the business needs of the three groups below:


Our daily, curated business news keeps professionals up to date with  economic trends and business development stories in your local community.  The news is reviewed by our editors to ensure the authenticity of each article.


Our platform allows publishers to get their message in front of an engaged audience of local community members and leaders .  Our international reach also means that you gain access to readers that you’d otherwise be unable to reach.


Be seen by professionals in targeted communities  who need your products and services.  Our readers are engaged, business-minded individuals with leadership roles in both their companies as well as their community.

What Makes Us Different

There are lots of news publications.  Why pick ours?


ALl Business, all the time

ProfessionalConnection.Biz is a business only curation platform.  Each article we curate has an economic impact on the community in which it takes place.  We have no political agenda and don’t publish any articles regarding politics.


Cities, counties & states

Our curation platform has been designed from the ground up with an emphasis on developing local communities.  Professionals can connect to the news and information, as well as services and products, they need to succeed in local markets.  It’s like having a business daily in every city!  


global success in local markets

Our business listings connect professionals to the vendors and service providers they need to grow their business and succeed in local markets.  No matter where in the world you are, ProfessionalConnection.Biz keeps you connected to your local market.

Develop Local Communities

We connect professionals to the information they need to make an impact, locally.

A community leader looking to make a difference.  A local newspaper looking to increase readership.  A service provider looking for clients in local markets.  ProfessionalConnection.Biz  connects professionals from all over the world, that would never find each other, for the purpose of local business development.

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